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What Is It?

The moment, the now, is ever perpetual and to read it is to open the book of cosmic truth.

It is what it is. Endless, boundless, with constant connection between what begins and what ends. Both at the same time and in no time. In no time and on time!

Time is a fiction that paints all of these amazing tableaus. Most of them are dynamic, in constant interchange, and self-organising within the so-called frame of space. That’s what it is.

It is the gift of gifts. It is a treasure beyond any measure. We have it, but you have to lose everything else in order for you to really have it, or know. Better even than that, we can say that it has you. You don’t have it! You don’t have life; life has you. Life controls you, because once it has touched you, then it is a sacred touch. You either go mad, or you become awakened to the full Being who is dancing the tune of infinite harmonic flow.

That’s why nothing will ever be enough, for anyone. Once you know that, then it is enough! Contentment will only come after not only realising, not only awakening to it, but being fully embedded in it, otherwise it won’t happen. Nothing will be enough, ever.

That is why we have unleashed this dark energy globally, epitomised by phrases like “The sky is the limit!” There is a lot of black wisdom around - what does a phrase like this really mean? What does the sky have to do with me and my limitations? There is a lot of this sort of stupidity enveloping the whole world. It appears very sound, very exciting, very interesting. It is rubbish. Most of what we hear, most so-called common wisdom, is a lot of rubbish.

What is it that I am after? It is to be at one with my source and origin, which is the same as my destiny, because it is timeless. That is what I am after: the certainty that what I have identified with - the so-called “me” - is based on an essence, or reality, or light that is eternal. If it is eternal, then I am content and I can function. Otherwise, I am not reliable.

In essence, all ‘other’ human beings are the same as you.

This is the story: each one of us is potentially the same. But the way it twists and turns and returns to its origin is different. There is differentiated sameness: it is the same in its totality, origin and destiny, but different in the way it appears. It appears as a different human being with a different shape, different size, different thing occupying their mind and so on. But the story is the same: he wants what I want what she wants, which is constant calibration with the moment. That brings about an ongoing contentment, so it becomes your nature.

Three Keys

The natural desire to change the world is a reflection of the need of self to yield and be transformed to soul. This outcome is greater than changing the world.

At the moment your nature is very challenging, because one minute you are content, the next you are not. One minute I feel he is a friend, the next I think he is a foe. One second I am breathing in, the next I am breathing out. We are hanging on millions of different fields of energy which are all based on duality. My anchor, or my stability, or my calibration is Unity; but it must be done, not discussed.

Therefore, there are three things which, if you bear them in mind, you will manage to live a reasonable life.

One and two are for every one of us: no one is spared. First and foremost, we must - at all times - trust that there is perfect governance. Boundless governance, which governs everything from the tiny insect to the plants, the trees, the galaxies, the supernovae and so on forever. I can only benefit from that trust if I am truly honest, which is the second one. Honesty about who you are, which is not only the outer role or manifestation implied by your ID. Complete honesty about this question takes you to the point of knowing that you are a celestial light undertaking a terrestrial journey. That’s honesty.

Then you have no option other than trust, because you are tranquil. Otherwise you are, like everybody else, in miserable agitation and mental illness. Mental illness will double or triple over the next fifty years. Mental disturbance is going to be the theme, because we have not recalibrated with the fact that I am all of these and none of these and I trust in this moment, through which everything emanates and to which everything returns. All that there is is the moment! And the moment is eternal.

The natural outcome of knowledge and guidance is the experience of sacred presence and its perfection.

Both of these two things are based on the third, which is to do your best. You have to be engaged. So long as you are caught in this frame of space and time, you have to be involved with something. If you don’t do it, you are actually worse than dead. You must be outwardly involved: give and take. You are involved by breathing! Why don’t you stop that? Eating, sleeping, connecting, relating: you can’t be safe. There is no safety! You have to jump into it and hope for the best, having these two things in mind.

Be totally honest. Say, “I do like this”, or “I don’t like that”. Be honest about it! Then trust that you need whatever happens.