This is all for you to lose the veil of identity in space and time so that the soul may return to its eternal nature and natural boundlessness.

Throughout all world religions and spiritual systems various practices are prescribed to move us from basic conditioned consciousness into the vastness of soul consciousness, or boundless consciousness. The art of stillness is at the heart of all these practices and endeavours.

Stillness is the portal back to your origin, which is peace. Non-differentiation is your origin and it is also in your heart, soul or spirit. The essence and the origin of all is total, cosmic non-differentiation. We emerge from that and to it we return.

In that zone, there is no higher or lower or better or worse: there just is. According to modern science, this is the state which we now consider to be a perfect vacuum. However, we also know that there is no such thing as absolute emptiness. There are millions of interactions that are unseen – what scientists now call “emergence and submergence” or “creation and destruction”. As they burst into existence, matter and antimatter meet and annihilate. All of life emanates from this – universes turning into existence and non-existence within the multiverse.

The whole cosmic story is truly a divine drama. The infinite unseen becomes the finite seen. So, when you refer back to silence, you are at the door of that infinite unseen. You have stopped the clutter, the distraction of noise, action and movement, which can only occur in space and time. Your origin and mine – the soul or spirit – is not in space and time. It is acting in space and time, it is apparently living in space and time, but its origin is not in space and time. It is infinite and boundless: that is why it is sacred. This is why we have to revere it truly.

The more often we refer to the point of total stillness and silence, the more we will come to realise that this point is none other than the sanctum of divinity. Although the entire story is under divine management, we can still act in small ways, either seamlessly aligned with our origin, or following the seeming desires of an empty self-image.

If you want to undertake a real pilgrimage, go into total silence and ‘lose’ everything. There is nothing that is reliable or durable. That which is reliable and durable cannot be described or defined: it is a cosmic light that is in every heart.

You are not who you think you are.