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Healthy life is a practice of flowing with the eternal grace which envelops the whole cosmos.

Within conditioned consciousness we question, reflect, share, and try to discover what the original cause is. Once we are at the point of neutrality, then the light of inner perception beams from the soul, reflecting the Origin. The question is replaced with a taste of Reality and the experience of Oneness – a glorious answer which ends all questions. Your personal entity is now in inseparable connection with Cosmic Reality.

Any practice connects the intention hidden within the mind with an outer action which aims towards some sort of conclusion, realisation or outcome. Most of your regret and suffering is due to the disharmony between the deep, inner state of your heart and your short-lived frustration, fear, or impatience. If your action stems from a seamless connection between a higher intention and your honest assessment of your ability to act properly – if there is harmony between these two zones – then you are in the flow of space and time in a healthy way.

Correct practice relates to so many different aspects of the human being and his or her state. You can’t deny the physical, chemical and material connections which make up your self – from organs, to cells, to the billions of neurons constantly firing the pattern of ‘you’. There is a complete orchestration which produces the usual description of who you are. We are largely unaware of all these processes. Most of them are autonomous, though they respond to each other and to various external factors, as well as to the ultimate governing force, which is your own soul.

Appropriate and correct action is that which improves your state and the overall state from which you have emerged. Appropriate action is that which leaves any situation you experience better than it was before.

There are two issues which we always need to bear in mind:

  1. Evolution connects us all. From a very simple cell in which the experience of life was unimaginably limited to what we human beings now experience of life in its magnificent, total and boundless way.
  2. The rise in consciousness always continues. The consciousness of the average human being nowadays is considerably higher, broader and deeper than the average human being a thousand years ago.

These two factors are vital to bear in mind. They point to the reason for the cycles in existence: it began with a “big bang” and it will end with a big collapse. In the meantime, there are countless numbers of souls or spirits which have the potential to awaken to the origin of the cosmic Reality and how it takes place. This is the whole story.


We are here to practice and experience the ever present unifying field between diverse realities. The absolute is ever present and permanent Reality is the Absolute itself. Our rise in knowledge and consciousness occurs through leaving behind what we already know is temporary and unreliable. Suffering, fear and sadness serve as warnings and reminders that we have fallen into the trap of belief and trust in a state whose nature is changeable.

What To Do

We all pursue and desire contentment and the happy moment without fears, sorrow and insecurity, which are all characteristic of temporary and conditioned consciousness. To experience the eternal moment, you must do your utmost in the present with constant reference to absolute truth. Practice silent resonance with timelessness, in total acceptance that the darkness of your temporary state is only understood due to the light of the permanent soul within.

The idea of free will is part of the mystery of the imaginal which gives you the illusion of a separate identity from Absolute Reality. Whatever there is in the universe follows a determined pattern, but you may exercise your intelligence to return to and maintain the clarity of mind and purity of heart required to avoid undesirable outcomes.

Our consciousness has evolved over millennia. As humans, we can realise and accept that each one of us seeks contentment and happiness, which is a necessary state for the rise in consciousness towards the Absolute. Our ambitions and desires for a good quality life will ultimately drive us to the realisation of the perpetuity of life itself and the inseparability of personal life from eternal life.

Higher consciousness always drives us to connect and to continue until we touch the source of Oneness.