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Journey 9 - Truth and Light

Everything in life can be discussed, analyzed and evaluated except TRUTH: it is due to it that we differentiate and understand.
Our desire for truth, justice and fairness is a beam of light that emanates from Oneness and pervades the universe - from where all has emanated.
Anything that moves and changes is subject to the limitations of space and time and has a temporary reality. The Real is ever constant.
So long as you discriminate, you are looking through the shadows and not the original light.
Harmony and bliss surround the light of sacredness which is the source of life and consciousness.
No person can help you realise the truth, but may be helpful to remove some falsehood and ignorance. Truth reveals itself by itself when the recipient is ready.
The seeker and the sought are in the shadows of Truth.
Truth is beyond the reach of rationality and reason and is the cause of all mental processes.
We look for truth within facts. In truth, facts are basic indicators of truth.
In Truth there is only Truth.