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Consciousness, Connectivity, and Continuity

Every living creature is driven to connect with what is relevant for survival and continuity to experience life.
Whatever exists is never absolutely clear or constant, but it has a touch of truth.
What is experienced as real and true is a glimpse of what is absolutely real and true.
Everything expresses its state in numerous ways, but the mind's natural concern for survival filters out most of these messages.
Body, mind and emotions are the earthly faculties that connect with our heavenly origin of light - the soul.
Body, mind and self are transitions in consciousness, energised by the soul and supreme consciousness.
Reason and rationality are like ladders that lead to the zone of pure consciousness that is the source of life and all mental and sensory experiences.
All constants, including scientific ones, are also relative but less than others.
If the earth is one year old, then humanity is twenty seconds old and the West rules for two seconds - reflect on this perspective.