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It is only through the light of our soul that we are content beyond qualities and quantities, otherwise nothing is ever enough.
Nature only reveals a minute amount of what is concealed. We cannot bear the immense range of the realities of nature via our mind, only the soul can.
The soul is in charge and governs the human being and its shadow is the self which desires to dominate.
Your soul gives life and energy to yourself; and when you realise this Reality then your emotional intelligence will be set alight.
The soul has neither fear nor sorrow; the mind is the seat of these emotions, which can be helpful for survival but handicaps for arrival.
To live as a soul, the animal self needs to be held within bounds; and then to transcend sensory experiences to the abode of perfect Grace.
The real you is ever present as your soul and to realise that and live it you need to transcend all and enter the zone of the soul's presence.