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Revolutionary Drives

To change or transform the world, start with yourself and the process will become evolutionary and revolutionary at the same time.
Deal with chaos in a neutral and insightful way to disocver order within it.
Don't deny darkness, but seek the spark of light within it which may lead you out of it.
You will have less personal sorrow and regrets when your concern is to help others in need of help.
Our drive and hope to satisfy desires and needs is to have peace and tranquility, which is a desirable and attainable state when the mind and heart are free from desires, fears and attachments.
A good actor knows the author's intention and plays the role with head and heart to fulfill the author's premise.
Desires never end, so what is it that may give you everlasting contentment and joy?
Ignorance is a handicap and deficiency. Knowledge is power and responsbility.
Attempting to prove or disprove God's existence diverts from the drive towards higher consciousness and the original cosmic light.
Once you have made a choice, you are not free of the outcome which may not fit fully with what was hoped for. Do your best and leave the rest.
The perfumed rose began its journey in earth, water, and compost.
Whatever exists tends to continue.
Wars and poverty balance peace and wealth, all of which are part of life's cycles and changes.
The lioness is most gentle and loving with her cubs, but can instantly turn into a vicious killer and attack in order to preserve life.
The middle way contains the extreme ends.
Whatever we consider real through the mind and reason only has a touch of the real.
You are always right and always wrong, at the same time, always.
Our desire for good is a precursor to experiencing the perfection of timelessness.
A good time is when you are relaxed and at ease; a better time is when you lose all sense of time.
The ultimate freedom is liberation from the idea of freedom and living fully in the moment.