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God decides everything without being affected by anything and that decision incorporates the hopes and wills of all living creatures.
All of creation is driven by the Truth, God, or the Divine Creator towards its glorious immensity.
Truth is ever-constant and ever-present, irrespective of our embracing or denouncing it.
Truth and reality are ever-constant and permanent. Everything that exists and all experiences are temporary, but carry within them a spark of the permanent truth.
Wherever you look Truth beams. Like looking at direct sunlight you don't see anything unless you reduce the light's intensity - we only understand when there is both truth and some falsehood.
Truth and reality have no end as they are not confined to space and time (whereas) falsehood and illusion will always come to an end.
When the sun of truth appears in your sky all the millions of stars fade away. When cosmic reality shines all other values and ideas vanish.
Truth is experienced when all other notions, ideas or thoughts have ended.
Progress towards the Real begins by recognizing what is not real.
To touch the boundary of Reality you need to leave the experience of duality.
On earth, there is no absolute freedom. In heavens, there is no freedom or lack of it.
All our experiences and discoveries are steps towards the ultimate reality and Truth.
Changing identity and crisis in life may be preludes to experiencing Reality.
Every instant is real in its connection to the Ever-real.
The greatest discovery is that Truth is the only True Reality and the greatest victory is to be at one with Truth.
The cosmic reality is perpetual and constant - from it, all varieties, temporary and virtual appearances emanate and then vanish back to it.
God's house has no doors or walls. It is the boundless universe.