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Nature, Desire, Harmony

It is human nature to share and care for others during ease as well as difficulty. We emanate from and are sustained by One.
Parental upbringing and tuition are necessary for physical and mental evolvement - necessary conditions for spiritual awakening to Oneness.
A remedy may be bitter and a poison may be sweet. What may please your ego can darken the heart.
The natural desire to change the world is a reflection of the need of self to yield and be transformed to soul. This outcome is greater than changing the world.
It is natural to expect fairness, respect and equity; selves and egos differ but souls are the same.
Kilograms of physical skin are shed every year. To be with the inner soul we need to shed our mental habits and memories, and then we may be close to illumination.
When you respect others as yourself, you are in close harmony to souls and their sameness.
As long as you don’t feel the necessity to change, you remain adrift from your past.