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The mystery of life and consciousness is veiled by the illusion of individuality, personal identity and the fantasy of free will.
In truth, all existence is a lie searching for its origin: the Truth.
Life is sacred and eternal; every living creature is obsessed with it.
The purpose of earthly life is to realise Life itself - eternal and perfect.
Pain is the guardian of the continuity of life.
Life manifests as a discernible experience, energised by unseen forces, within a timeframe.
Human life may seem short, but life itself is eternal and causes human life.
The obsession to prolong life simple reflects the eternal nature of life.
Love of life is accompanied by fear of the death, unless you are awakened to perpetual life.
To attain a complete and fulfilled life you must be at one with your heavenly origin - the soul within.
Everything one does is essentially motivated by a passionate obsession with life.