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Life Continued

The natural universe is not silent or noisy. It is in perfect turmoil and cycles of interaction between matter and energies - self-organising.
Plants are rooted in earth and nourished by air, sun and sky: they are both earthly and heavenly, as are all living creatures.
Intelligence facilitates the continuation of consciousness.
The full meaning and challenge of life is revealed through reflection and meditation.
Your perspective on life and your values will change radically if you only have an hour to live.
Living creatures love life and fear death. Few humans discover that the true nature of life itself is eternal.
Every living creature is obsessed with life and its preservation.
The body is alive due to the unconditional love of the soul, which connects it to life's source.
Life is the greatest plot! In conscious life, one quests for knowledge and appropriate action, yet the beginning and end of one's life are shrouded in silence.