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Inner Compass

The human journey is in three stages: the first is birth, the second is growth in consciousness towards awakening, and the third is the journey of the soul after death.
To find your way more easily in your earthly journey you need to refer to your inner spiritual compass.
An appropriate prescription may lead to a clear understanding and acceptance of a situation. Your life on earth is like being in a waiting room expecting to be called to your destination of pure consciousness.
The master said, "It is not what I have that attracts you to me, it is more what I don't have: I don't have the concerns, fears and desires you all have."
You may read the situation more clearly after you lose your ambitions and other illusions.
An event or story is complete only when it ends.
The personal life of the seeker of truth is enhanced by remembering death.
Most of us will naturally experience loneliness until we fully embrace our inner soul.
Loneliness is a primal desire to be at one with the soul, the real union.
You are fortunate if you reach a point where you really don't know who you are, with your mind and intellect intact.
Whenever you think you have some extra space or time, they often get filled with waste material.
If you believe in a supreme and just God, then you accept whatever has affected you as it could only happen with God's approval.
Self-image, self-esteem, and prestige are important for the young but can be an obstacle and handicap for mature seekers of truth.
The ultimate spiritual challenge is to transcend the mind and realise that two plus two is still one.