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Evolutionary Drives

The human quest for freedom and liberation doesn't end except by awakening to the soul's light and its consciousness of the sacred present, beyond space and time and including all that there is within them.
It is a natural drive to be in pursuit of real identity and purpose of life.
An important social drive is to be useful, accepted, and acknowledged by others.
It is high intelligence to question the meaning of progress and development and where it leads to so far as fulfilled life is concerned.
Every decline or fall contributes to the future rise and evolvement of consciousness.
We need stability, reliability, and constancy to awaken to the real and perpetual ever-present Truth.
Money is power and we love its acquisition until we are at one with the most powerful source - the soul within.
Easy success may easily lead to failure.
There is some goodness in having a direction, whether good or bad. There is only confusion and loss in meandering aimlessly in darkness.
We are indebted to generosity and our ultimate indebtedness is to the source of all generosities - God.