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Drive for Excellence

No-one is denied the drive towards excellence - the wise one sees the perfection of every outcome, irrespective of conventional evaluation and judgement.
We are impressionable creatures and need outer references until we can access our own inner soul - the resident teacher.
We want guidance that shows us the truth within our own heart. We need commitment and consistency along the path so the self yields to its root and origin - the inner soul.
The desire to excel in the world and to experience acknowledgment is an echo of the greatness and superiority of the nature of our own soul.
To mimic the stroke of a golf champion can be helpful, but to mimic a sage may be a dangerous distraction. Love, follow, and be transformed.
Appropriateness implies clear intention, appropriate action and full presence in the moment - preludes for spiritual awakening.
The drive towards excellence and perfection is a primary force in us, reflecting the perfect soul within.