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Pointers to Practice

This section is organised into separate "journeys". Each saying is - in itself - a key to wisdom and deeper understanding. The intention is that you travel through each journey separately and return numerous times as each stage takes you deeper into your own heart.


It is a wise one who is always hopeful to learn meanings and lessons from difficulties and hardships.

Human beings reflect the cosmic perfection at the point of conception but, as we grow, errors and defects arise in accordance with entropy. Our apparent freedom of action only increases our imperfections. If we are willing to stop, our chances of an appropriate start are greater. When the stop/start frequency resonates within head and heart, the ‘self and soul connection’ is stronger. Unity in consciousness is the fruit of spiritual evolvement which encompasses the seen and unseen worlds.

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Collected Threads

The silence within is the knock on the inner door.
Life cannot be understood unless one is willing to die.
There is nothing new in the path of arrival.
To restrict the self is the first step towards the open horizons of the soul.
The soul has no concern. The self is always in agitation until its concern becomes one – its source of life.
To live the moment fully, you must go beyond space-time.
Infinity is rooted in the tiny entity of an electron or photon.
The imagination of multiplicity in this world is part of the love and return back to the same One.
From the ocean of Oneness, different and separate entities and qualities have emanated. The twins of friendship and enmity emerged as the duality that announces the original unity!
What we understand of consciousness is what is limited or conditioned, such as pain or pleasure.
You are not what you think you are. There is only God.
You cannot say, ‘I fooled them’. You have only fooled yourself. There is nothing other than yourself.
One may be aware of awareness, and also aware of the awareness of one’s awareness. Two mirrors opposite each other illustrate this condition. But can one be purely, simply, totally just awareness itself? Pure awareness.
Everyone is on a path, whether consciously or unconsciously.
On a cultural or spiritual journey, the destination is connected with every step. The journey becomes the purpose.
The wholesome journey does not exclude day to day living.
The paradox is that you cannot stop looking for security and you will never find it within conditioned human consciousness or the body and mind.
Justice prevails when otherness and differences submerge into oneness and sameness.
In truth, there is only the truth. But we discover it through different levels of falsehood.
If the moment is fully and utterly treasured then we are at the gateway of eternity.
The beginning and the end are not separate, nor are they in space and time.