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The Remedy of Absence

Better to sleep
shut down the senses
sights, insights and awareness
absent from pleasure and pain
embracing the void
the origin of all absence and presence
and time and other distractions
for a while or longer
then repeat this experience
all life long for
real presence and its favour
may then touch you.
After years of drought and darkness
the thorn bush noticed its thirst
the desert didn't care
nor did the oceans or clouds
nor the star crudely labelled
with long numbers and letters
a new challenge
maybe a new discovery
baring my name
a futile tag
descriptions and definitions
continue in absurdity
fitting circles within triangles
and claiming efficient outcomes
a civilization of absurdities
fleeting within misty space
and time
claiming exactitude
hoping for deliverance
through precision and exact failures
impetuous denials hiding all needs and attachments
hiding human frailty
hiding the light
that illumines all realities
always transient
and yet constant.