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The Passage of Time

The day flashes by
in and out,
dances about,
to the instant tune of Time.
Silhouetted on the screen of illusion,
slipping down the sand dune of existence,
perched on the edge of a vast desert
the infinite non-existence.
But for he who seeks the Truth
Time is long and tedious,
for where is its beginning
and where is its end?
For the common man
Time is to be conquered,
to be killed.

Killing the stranger,
killing the nomadic tribe,
wandering here and there,
sometimes staying long
sometimes short – all relative!
Challenging the fixed city
with its structures and rules,
its sand and earth are veiled by asphalt.
But how to stop the shifting sand
covering the globe,
the movement of the hour glass
or the darting electron?
So fast yet still.