Quran, Faith, Life

Streamed Live on Saturday 27th February 2021

This conversation with Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri focussed on the meaning of life as reflected in the Noble Quran. Shaykh Fadhlalla answered many questions around why the Muslim world has not been able to create a just, fair, and equitable society, where the citizens of this society are empowered and economically and spiritually enriched.

This conversation will address a wide spectrum of key issues of global importance, like stress, violence, fear, hope, peace, human rights. What are we seeking? What is death? Why don't we celebrate death? The stress resulting from the material world we live in, the moral dilemmas we face on a day-to-day basis, the polarization in society and the creation of the other, and - most importantly - the lack of respect for the Earth and its creatures.

Haider Mehdi is a geopolitical commentator/blogger on Pakistan and international affairs. He is a media anchor, corporate leader, management consultant, start-up entrepreneur, and a retired military officer.