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Living Transcendence


Amir had requested Shaykh Fadhlalla to participate in a series of interviews as part of his PhD entitled 'Living Transcendence: A Phenomenological Study of Spiritual Exemplars'.

This pioneering study focuses on the lived experience of Spiritual Exemplars such as Shaykh Fadhlalla, who are perceived by others as self-transcendent, or to be God-realized, or to have surrendered within their religious or spiritual path.

Amir is the Co-Founder of the Israeli Education & Spirit Movement founded in 2009. Amir left medical school at the end of the 5th year of his studies to seek answers to life's questions. He then spent 2 years in a Zen monastery in Japan and over 20 years in a spiritual community in the USA. He has co-published two books connecting education and philosophical-spiritual inquiry; and recently published Spiritual Transmission: Paradoxes and Dilemmas on the Spiritual Path.

Part 1

Premiered on Saturday 27th March 2021

Part 2

Premiered on Wednesday 5th May 2021

This is the second session of a conversation between Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri and Amir Freimann. This session focuses on matters related to wholeness and love. Two most interesting subjects. This wonderful session is worth watching a number of times.

Please note that we had some minor technical matters which were resolved after the first five minutes of the broadcast. We apologise for this.