Eid ul Fitr

The blessed month of Ramadan coming to a close. We hope and pray that this has been a month of healing, contemplation, and joy for all.

Fasting is deeply rooted in our consciousness and a means of maintaining physical and mental health for cultural and political reasons. Fasting has been a devotional practice in most religious and spiritual movements through the ages. Islam has prescribed the practice of abstinence and fasting as a means of self-purification and worship. The act of restraining the self from fulfilling its desires purifies and enhances awareness physically, mentally, and spiritually and sensitizes human consciousness. The seeker realizes the weakness of the self and is gratified by the discipline, restriction, and prohibitions, for these limitations, are windows to Allah’s limitlessness.

Eid ul Fitr in 2021 is a time of reflection, rejoicing, and gratitude. Ramadan 2021 has been a time to renew our commitment to service. Please ensure you give your Fitrah or set it aside which in South Africa is R48 & Fidayah R12 per member of your household before you commence your prayer.