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When the sun of truth appears in your sky all the millions of stars fade away. When cosmic reality shines all other values and ideas vanish.

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The "Nature Of" Series

We are pleased to announce three conversations between Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri, Haji Mustafa Ali David Sterling.

The Nature of the World

We are pleased to announce the second session in the three-part conversations between Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri and Haji Mustafa Ali entitled 'The Nature of' Series. In this session Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri and Haji Mustafa Ali are joined by Richard Eskow.

The Nature of the World

The Nature of the World

Premiering on Sunday, April 3, 2022
5PM Central African Time, 4 PM UK and 11AM EST (US)

In this particularly powerful conversation Shaykh Fadhlalla unpacks the Nature of the World specifically to do with the Reflective Book.

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The recording of this session had some minor technical issues due to the internet but we hope that you will benefit from this wonderful session on this most profound subject.

Sufi, mystic and visionary, Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri is an enlightened spiritual master. His life and works serve as a reminder that spirituality is a science and an art vitally relevant to our times.

Hajj Mustafa Ali is an American Muslim, born of Jewish heritage, who has been devoted to the discovery of unity for over four decades. He has been a long-time student of Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri and remained under his loving guidance and generous instruction. He has travelled throughout the world in search of truth and lived abroad, teaching and heading communities of seekers in Canada, the US, Pakistan, and South Africa. Haji Mustafa currently resides in Durham, North Carolina, USA.

Richard (RJ) Eskow is a freelance writer and the host of The Zero Hour, a weekly radio and TV program. He is also Senior Advisor for Health & Economic Justice at Social Security Works. He was the lead writer and editor for Bernie Sanders' 2016 presidential campaign. Richard is a former consultant, public policy advisor, and senior executive in the US and more than 20 foreign countries. His writings have appeared in a number of print and digital publications.

Do join us for this most interesting session.

The Nature of the Self

This was the first of a series of talks in the 'Nature of' series.

The Nature of the Self

The Nature of the Self

Premiered on Sunday 20th February 2022
4 PM Central African Time, 2 PM UK and 10 AM EST

This first session in the series is a particularly powerful conversation in which Shaykh Fadhlalla unpacks the Nature of the Self specifically within the confinement of Space & Time.

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Path to Eternal Life

Do join us for this most powerful and timely talk on the two aspects of life: the temporary and the eternal.

In this brief but powerful talk on the light of The Holy Qur’an, Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri uses Surah Al-Asr, the Chapter of Time, and two other powerful verses to provide a summation, conclusion, prescription and description of the Path to Eternal Life.

Life appears in two zones: the earthly zone is temporary and begins with birth and ends in death.

The second zone is one of permanence in which Life is forever because God is forever.

Shaykh Fadhlalla explains the need to take reference from and calibrate with The Author, God. For unless you do that your role is that of the usurper.

The Prescription on the Prophetic path is decoded from Surah Ahzab, Ayat 45, 46.

The balance is accepting humanity but recognising felicity, joy & bliss - Surah Hud, Ayat 108.

This talk was broadcast on Sunday, February 13, 2022 on YouTube.

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Differentiated Sameness

We are pleased to announce the first Audiobook by Zahra Publications:

Differentiated Sameness
A Collection of Sufi Poems

This book of poetry by Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri talks about the human journey on earth, moving from low, basic sentiency toward the highest level of consciousness. From childhood on we are challenged to witness, experience, and choose what is better for our happiness. With awakening, we discover that, in truth, there is no differentiation or separation as everything is still contained within absolute, unitive reality. Oneness is the only truth and the process of differentiating between what is good and what is not is like coming across milestones along that path. We differentiate in order to be content with the connectedness that leads to essential, original oneness. Human consciousness links the infinite unseen with finite sensory experiences.

These poems are like flags, held in a language of light brush strokes, indicating transitions between the boundless and the limited, within and beyond time and space, flying on a temple which reminds us of our transitory earthly journey and how magnificent it is if we are aware of timeless grace.

This book is unique in that it has been narrated by Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri, so it carries a special timbre and resonance.


Wholesome Life

The Rasooli Centre on behalf of the SFH Foundation is pleased to invite you to a special discussion and Question & Answer session on:

“Wholesome Life“ with Shaykh Fadlalla Haeri and Advocate A B Mohamed SC, Yunus Ismail, Shameera Ayob; moderated and introduced by Ismail Kalla.

This session was recorded live on Sunday, October 24, 2021 and is now available by clicking the button below.

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We look forward to your feedback on this session.

Uncommon Dialogues

This series of virtual talks has been extended due to their warm reception. The discussions have included speakers like Dr. Ali Allawi, Shaykh Saadi Shakur Chisti Neil Douglas Klotz, Dr Adnan AlAdnani, Prof. Sadiyya Shaikh, Richard Eskow, Matthew Green, Syed Haider Mehdi and a number of other friends. Uncommon Dialogues cover a wide range of subjects during this pandemic, providing a message of hope, compassion and light.

Join us from the comfort of your own home for the next talks, which you can find scheduled below. Follow the link provided to set a reminder for yourself when each talk premieres.

Celebrating the Eternal

Celebrating the Eternal

Streamed Live on Saturday 31st July 2021

This powerful and free flowing conversation between Shaykh Fadhlalla & Haji Mustafa covered faith & spirituality from a universal and comprehensive viewpoint. The discussion considered the world today, the story of creation, life and death and how to find greater goodness and thereby reduce suffering while celebrating the Eternal.

The conversation was be moderated by Muna Haeri Bilgrami.

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Universal Qur’an

This is the age where we need regular spiritual recharge and awakening to the truth within our hearts.

The Noble Qur’an is universal and useful at all times and for all people. This belief motivated Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri to select the verses that are clearly universal. Shaykh Fadhlalla rendered the meanings of the verses in an easily accessible way for the modern reader. The verses selected are renderings of the inner meaning, rather than a traditional translation.

The present needs of human beings in this day and age require more reference to the Source of creation, and Divine Light – which are largely Meccan verses, of which this book presents a selection.

The selected verses help with personal transformation and the rise in consciousness and Universal Truth, rather than with relationship, community, law, and other aspects of conduct to help recharge spiritually.

The miracle of the Noble Qur’an is that its verses repeatedly reveal the seamless connection between the infinite, unseen, cosmic lights with finite, relative, and limited earthly consciousness. This selection of key verses is universally useful for all times and for all people for every moment in the human journey.

Previous Sessions

The Tripod

The Tripod consists of:

  1. Be Accountable

    • Nothing is ever missed
    • Be Present
    • Be sure your actions are as good as your accountability.
  2. Witness everything that emerges as perfect. Park your judgement and you will see the perfection of all. Things are as they are.

  3. Know that nothing in this existence ever goes unnoticed. The akhira is here and now. This life is merely a prelude, and independence is an illusion. There is nothing other than The One.

The Tripod brings you to the instant. The perfect infinitude of this moment. That is the springboard for the first talk.

“Whatever you’re doing, know that it has equal and opposite cause and effect, action and reaction. Nothing ever escapes, so you need to be truly accountable, responsible, and aware that nothing ever is missed. So (be) present, present, present, in the moment. Do what you like to do, whatever you can do that’s helpful, but be sure that your action is as good as your accountability for people growing back to where they came from or to discover their own goals”.

Richard Eskow will interview Shaykh Fadhlalla who has agreed to unpack The Tripod over three sessions. This first session focused on being present and being accountable. You can catch up by clicking the link below.

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When Two Oceans Meet

A Conversation Between Seyyed Hossein Nasr & Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

Shaykh Fadhlalla and Seyyed Hossein Nasr have been friends for many years. They both share interesting parallels in their lives. Both come from families with strong connections to religious and spiritual backgrounds. Both started their educational careers in the sciences. Both found their way to Sufism through their spiritual journeys.

Please savour this most important conversation between spiritual masters.

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Fasting & Ramadan in the Noble Quran

الصوم في القران الكريم
  1. Saturday 17th April 2021
  2. Saturday 24th April 2021
  3. Saturday 8th May 2021
  4. Tuesday May 11th 2021

Buddha At The Gas Pump

The Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri Foundation is pleased to announce an interview of Shaykh Fadhlalla by Rick Archer of Buddha at the Gas Pump. Please join us for what will be an interesting conversation.


Buddha at the Gas Pump

You may read the situation more clearly after you lose all of your ambitions and other fictions.