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Who Are You, Where Are You?

When the nature of the soul is realized, then the ideas of freedom or choice disappear and what remains is blissful peace.

We start life being puzzled by movements, shapes, colours and touches. One of the first things a baby is curious about is taste - they put things in their mouths. Then comes tactile connectedness: feeling shapes, moving yourself, navigating darkness and light. We begin life with a constant drive to understand and explore. We want to understand the meaning of what is around us.

The underlying, primal factor is safety and survival. We are driven by that inner notion which says, “Don’t die! Survive, cope, relate, be flexible - for however long flexibility lasts.” That which is too rigid breaks, which is to say that entropy claims it more suddenly. To keep on living is an innate drive in anything that is alive. It has a touch of life and does not want to lose it.

The question, “Who am I?” arises due to that touch, because I want to cope, connect and continue. Otherwise, the self is of no interest. You are given a name and a description, but so what? You might as well be a mosquito. Tell me how is this mosquito - or any living entity - able to flow with the flow so that it honours its origin, which is a touch of eternal Light? Life is eternal, so honouring that is the same as wanting to be here forever. Anything that experiences life is actually honouring that sacred stamp.

Bounded Eternity

Peace is at the edge of space and time. It is still, stable, and constant.

Life is eternal and boundless. I am alive by its courtesy, so I want the same. Otherwise, who am I? It changes every two minutes! I am silent, I am the speaker, I am awake, I am asleep, I am this, I am that. It’s endless! The different facets of “who am I?” are endless: I am a friend, I am a foe, I am a predator, I am prey.

The reason I want to know who I am is so that I can excel in the practice of the flow. Of continuity. Of foreverness. Of the boundless and eternal. That’s it.

The purpose of this enquiry is that. Not to reach any conclusion that is fixed as a monument. You are not a monument that will be put up somewhere as the founder of some thing or another. It’s about my essential, constant, innate drive for eternity, for perpetuity. That’s why I want to know who I am.

The answer is that you are a mysterious energy package - which we call life, or soul, or spirit, or any name you like to give it - whose nature is not in space and time. It’s as though it has emerged from a quantum field that is beyond. However, it is now manifesting within the limitations of time and space, expressed fully and firmly by the limitations of your body. Slightly less obvious is the limitation of your mind, imagination and creativity.

The puzzle is the confinement of that which is boundless. That is really all that it is.

Accept that this is the truth, that it is not subject to any movement in space or time, and yet it is caught within these dimensions. It is heavenly energies or light caught in a loop of birth and death - or beginning and end - on earth. It is a celestial Reality beyond the mind in the limited realm of terrestrial movement, space and time. That is the story.

Realise that there is an aspect in you that is boundless, limitless, timeless, non-discernible and therefore beyond your mind, while also accepting that the only way you can deal with anything - unless you a certified lunatic or completely mad - is to exist within the boundaries of space and time. Space is like the frame of a picture and time is whatever is inside it, and is changing all the time.

The Spectrum

We experience change and movement due to the stable nature of our soul.

I, as a human being within humanity, am subject to these limitations, though I am energised by the limitless. The smallest thing may suffice my needs but, in truth, nothing is ever really enough, because Truth is the celestial light in me. As a human, I have to learn how to be content, because I am bound by limitation. However, the human is only there because of the divine light in it!

Each one of us straddles these extremes: at one end it’s boundless, spaceless, timeless - it’s God. But we can’t talk about God. We can only talk about attributes of existence, realities, creations; right down to the cosmos, galaxies, Big Bang, Big Collapse and so on. We are celestial energies journeying in a terrestrial realm where there are zillions of differentiable entities. Size, shape, colour, smell, taste and all the experiences within our five senses, which are like our tentacles that we use to try and make sense of more and more of the spectrum.

If you ignore humanity, you cannot talk about spirituality - there is no way! If you only dwell upon that, then you cannot appear as a human. Disappear into that realm and don’t bother us. However, if you say, “No! I am primarily a human being, and everybody else has the same potential,” then there is justice. Without accepting that all other human beings have the same potential, then you start on a trajectory that will cause nothing other than suffering.

Humanity has not yet reconciled that - no matter what colour, size, shape, education and so on we each have - essentially, we are the same. Once you accept that, then all of these issues - whether it is race, colour, economic advantage etc. - become secondary. If you have been given all the training, you can play all the tricks and make money this way or that, which is fine. It has some reality, but the Real is that light within the heart of everyone.

So, “Who am I?” is “Who are we?” and it is that amazing challenge which can only be lived, not discussed too much. You are a heavenly light, but don’t start playing God. You have a godly touch, though you are infatuated with the “goldly” chase or desire, because you are on earth so you cannot escape the natural drive to excel. We all want to be Number One. But you are already Number One! You are one out of billions of other Number Ones. Everybody is a Number One!

That’s it. Accept that you are special, special, special beyond description, and so is everyone else. So is everything else. So is every atom! Then you are balanced, in the sense that you know you are hanging on the dualities of this earth, but energised by Unity that is beyond space and time and any limitation.