Universality, Locality & The Human

With reflection, one realises that inner and outer states are in constant resonance or entanglement.

In terms of consciousness - and not just human consciousness, but all consciousness - we are now at a stage in our evolution where we can truly address the Ultimate, we can truly talk about the Absolute, we can talk about Godhead, and we can talk about the cosmic light that is not subject to space and time.

It is for this reason that I am not an advocator of a specific path. They’ve all served their purposes. They’ve all been very useful. Each one is like a river which has emanated from higher up and flowed down to serve orchards, communities, and civilizations. We are all beneficiaries of these streams.

Yet I am not advocating that we spurn tradition. The appeal of the past remains because it has a touch of timelessness. That’s why we sanctify our particular path by ascribing ancientness to it. We love that which is old, because it touches the beginning of time; and we also love that which is new, because it’s just been born out of what is beyond space and time.

All I am saying is that we are at an age where we want what is truly durable, beyond the limitations of culture, civilization, religion or language. This edge is the Absolute Truth, which is the source and cause of life for every living creature. The life in me is a mysterious reality which, if I truly refer to it, enables me to touch the infinite–that which is boundless and unseen. Then the moment becomes sanctified, it becomes graced. If I am touching the timeless in me, then it’s difficult for me to lie, to camouflage, to be a hypocrite, to say things which are not true.

If I constantly remember the Absolute by giving up everything else and being only at that Light of lights, then I am alive. This is what is needed. Because it is not happening enough in our time, we suffer from the most dreadful leadership at every level in our lives. Every leader has their own particular agenda and is bent on enriching themselves.

If their agenda were to enable anyone who is meek, weak and low to evolve to the highest in their own heart then it would be good. If not, it is another form of slavery and I cannot subscribe to it. I am not here to wage war against it: it will vanish by itself. I know - it’s not that I believe - that in the very instant of the so-called Big Bang, there was a flash of awareness of awareness of awareness that continued and, after billions of years, it has reached a stage in human beings where many of us are now able to question any aspect of cause and effect and reach a point in intelligence where there is no more duality.

The One prevails. If you calibrate with the One, then you can deal with the twos. Yes, of course, you are two! One moment you are asleep, which is not the same as when you are awake. But they are facets of One, and you are one. You contain within you the secrets and the magic and the miracle of the One. God in you.

That is why we have carried this brilliant teaching from early on in history: “If you kill one person, it is as though you have killed the whole of creation. And if you bring one person to full awareness and life, you have brought to life all of creation.”

This is the truth. It is not local to any religion. This is it. If you do that, then the rest doesn’t matter so much. Whatever occupation you have is fine. None of it has a sting in it any longer, and you won’t subscribe to gangsterism, to which so many succumb.

So many businesses are run in fact by gangsters. The mafia are probably the most honourable ones. The rest are corporate gangsters seeking the power of monopoly. Why? Because you want to rule, because you want to be God. Why? Because God’s light is in you. So you want to become God, but this can never be: it is madness. That is the message.