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The Balance

Our world is out of balance in that earthly consciousness is excessively emphasized leading to a culture of fear and distraction, which hampers any attempt to integrate self and soul and thereby awaken to truth. The nature of the inner soul is that of heavenly paradise and the nature of its shadowy lower self is darkness and uncertainty. When conditioned consciousness leaves the temporal life of duality, it touches upon the higher zone of full consciousness which is ever permanent and glorious. By reason and rationality we may reduce our outer confusions and ignorance, but only by complete transcendence of mind and personal identity will we touch upon the zone of perpetual light emanating from the soul within a purified heart.

The middle path can enable people, at any period of time or geographic location, to live as decent human beings celebrating life on earth as a prelude and preparation for the next stage of full awakening, which – in most cases – occurs after death. What unites all human beings is the genuine drive towards awakening to the ever-present and prevailing truth of oneness, veiled behind numerous dualities, pluralities and mental differentiations. Fear and disappointment is tempered and reduced when recalibrated with the eternal truth of perpetual life from which all emerged. To save yourself from your lower self's shadow play, you need to connect your personal life diligently and intelligently to the eternal life beyond the limitations of time and space. You need to unify – by effort, prayer, and meditation – the celestial and the terrestrial within. Only then can you live cheerfully with your transience, alive to the knowledge of the soul’s permanency: living on earth as a heavenly reality.

From Darkness to Light

Life on earth emerged a long time ago as simple awareness, driven by the desire to perpetuate itself. It has evolved over millennia into the numerous complex, living beings we observe on earth, in sky and underwater. Human beings are naturally driven to explore, discover and know both what is obvious and that which is beyond. The human mind bridges the cosmic soul or spirit, with the self or individual identity. Every human being is a combination of a boundless and timeless divine soul and its shadow self which is bracketed between birth and death and structured around a physical body and brain.

All human experiences are contained within opposite or complementary forces such as pleasure and pain, health and illness, sleep and wakefulness, and countless other attractions and repulsions. All of our experiences occur due to our mind and sensory faculties producing limited and conditioned consciousness which is just one kind of manifestation of boundless consciousness or divine presence.

Our quest for freedom or liberation is an indication of our drive towards cosmic consciousness, which is both our origin and destiny. Evolution spanning millennia has resulted in the blueprint of Adamic Awakening. Living this blueprint means acknowledging how all visible terrestrial forces are due to the light of an all-encompassing celestial Reality which is the source of life. Normal human consciousness is balanced between what is desirable and what is not. We experience suffering and confusion as well as occasional contentment and joy. This is the nature of our temporary, limited consciousness on earth whose source is boundless, cosmic, and eternal. The notion of paradise on earth, or being godly, simply reflects the presence of a cosmic soul or spirit within the heart. Irrespective of circumstance, there is always hope which is transmitted from the sacred soul within. True contentment occurs when the earthly self calibrates with the perfect state of the heavenly soul.