Arc of Life

The desire to be noticed and loved, respected and regarded as important is only an outer echo of the soul’s real state of divinity, before it emerges into space and time and the experience of distance, separation and specific identity.

I have to have correct conduct. I am accountable to me. As human beings, we live in numerous levels of duality. Up and down; breathe in, breathe out. As long as there is a mind, you are constantly choosing between good and bad, appropriate and inappropriate, healthy and diseased. It is context that matters most.

Is it good if you see someone kicking a child out of the way? On the face of it, this seems terrible, but from another perspective this person might just have saved the child from an oncoming car. You have to read the context. That’s why there is nothing accurate, no matter what. Even our sciences prove this: we cannot know completely the position and the movement of anything.

Any incident - especially if it is a shocking one - is never observed in completely the same manner by all the people present. If there are thirty witnesses, there will be thirty different versions. These versions connect and correlate, but not entirely. We each look at any situation from our own perspective and make our own value judgements. Yet, these various evaluations arise from a single event. Duality and multiplicity is the nature of the gymnasium in which we are exercising our consciousness.

We will never rest assured, we will never be content, we will never be at peace until we transcend duality. That’s why people love sleep, drink, drugs and sex: all of these things are tiny little doors into a zone of consciousness that is not subject to duality. And that zone of consciousness is written for all of us.

People who are on the “spiritual path” call it enlightenment, awakening, self-realisation and dozens of other titles. All these suggest is that there is no longer any confusion between twos: it is the zone of Oneness. If you have a scientific bent, you can call it the “quantum field”. If you’re otherwise inclined, you can call it “God’s zone”. Everybody will experience it after death!

As a younger person, I was eager to wake up right now. I thought, “If I don’t wake up now it will be too late”. But it will never be too late. Everybody will wake up. There is no rush. I was truly relieved once I knew that everybody will leave the conditioned consciousness of this womb and move into supreme, infinite, boundless consciousness after they die.

Once the barrier of the body and the mind is removed only the truth remains - no differentiation. No longer is it a question of whether it is a particle or a wave function: it is energy fields ad infinitum. This is the whole story.

If I practice this now, then I will not go back and forth with regrets and sorrow and guilt. Everybody feels guilty from time to time, and nobody wants to feel guilty, so why do it? Guilt arises because you don’t have the calibration at the moment when you did whatever made you feel guilty. That calibration is called “presence”, meaning that your mind and heart are fused together: head, which is reason and rationality, with heart, which is the home of your soul or spirit, or simply your awareness of unity.

If the balance is there, you don’t have any regrets. You would do the same thing in a year's time, because you were present. You were in the touch of timelessness. So you are not suddenly caught unawares, without your head and heart in unison.

If the two are together, you won’t need to remember what you said or did, because you will say the same, or a similar thing, in a slightly different context on a slightly different day. Go back to zero - the One is always already there.